Welcome BeekeepingJobs.com

Welcome to the BeekeepingJobs.com job board, the foremost website dedicated solely to Beekeeping jobs.


While recently helping a friend look for a job, we performed many Google searches with the term ‘Jobs’ and almost all the results where generic, recycled listings from the major job boards. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of applying for a job this way, you know it’s a complicated process that involves creating accounts and passwords, uploading your résumé and cover letter AND answering a multitude of questions that have already been answered by the information in the documents you’ve just uploaded.

Once you have officially submitted your application, and assuming there are no bugs or errors, you wait and hope that the company who created the listing logs in to find your application.

On the employer’s side, the job listing process is no picnic either. It’s a convoluted process to set up and can get expensive depending on how the job board structures their offerings (flat-rate, cost-per-click)

That’s why we created a simple and very user friendly user experience here at BeekeepingJobs.com. All jobs are clearly presented on the home page with minimal friction for jobs seekers to browse and contact employers.

As with any website, BeekeepingJobs.com will be a constant work in progress with improvements based on user feedback. Therefore if you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome everyone and we hope you find this site useful and we hope you keep coming back!


– – The BeekeepingJobs.com Team